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15 times William Ruto has proven to be most fashionable male politician

by Kivumbi
DP Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto is a well-known figure in Kenya’s political landscape. Besides being a politician, Ruto is an astute businessman, husband, and father.

From time to time, the second in command ditches regular suits and goes for attires that leave tongues wagging.

Interestingly, this does not go unnoticed and many times, his stylish ensembles always get Kenyans talking.

From stylish designer suits to elegant African attires, Kivumbi.co.ke looks at 15 times the deputy president proved he is the most stylish male politician.

William Ruto looking dapper in a bold red African Attire Shirt

DP Ruto proved he is a stylish politician after donning this red African shirt. Photo: William Ruto/Facebook.

As a man who has proven time and again that he is not afraid of bold colors, William Ruto stepped out rocking a red African Attire shirt that he paired with black khaki trousers on September 3, 2021.

This was after he hosted a section of Muslim leaders at his Karen residence.

DP Ruto long-sleeved African red-shirt also had multi-colored patterns all over it which made it even more elegant

William Ruto in gleaming yellow colours

A few days ago, DP Ruto stepped out donning yellow colours, perhaps to emphasize his departure from the Jubilee Party to his United Democratic Party which he described as the hustler vehicle that will deliver the presidency.

His choice of outfits was, to say the least, dashing. He went for a stylish yellow shirt, a matching cap branded ‘UDA’ and black trousers to make his bold political statement.

His African attire yellow shirt had a hint of black and beautiful patterns on the top and bottom sides.

William Ruto in an elegant peach blazer

William Ruto loves bold-coloured blazers like this peach blazer which he wore for a press conference. Photo: William Ruto/Facebook

As noted, DP Ruto is not afraid of bold colours even on official occasions. For instance, while addressing the press on August 21, 2021, about the BBI ruling, Ruto looked dapper in a peach blazer.

The deputy president’s blazer matched perfectly with his pale-yellow shirt

William Ruto in jeans

DP Ruto
Who says a second in command (r) cannot stylishly don jeans and look elegant. Photo: William Ruto/Facebook

Sometime in August 2021, DP Ruto took a walk on the wild side with his casual look after donning a pair of navy-blue jeans, which he paired with a red African attire shirt that was branded ‘hustler nation’.

His African shirt had subtle patterns around the button area and pockets which completed the look.

William Ruto’s stylish denim shirt

DP Ruto
Ruto also looked chic and youthful in this classy denim shirt. Photo: William Ruto/Facebook.

DP Ruto also tapped into his youthful side after wearing a classy denim shirt, and peach-colored trousers.

Ruto rocked this look during a meeting with a delegation of businessmen and women who visited his Karen office.

William Ruto in fashionable sleeveless suit jacket

DP Ruto
William Ruto in a beautiful lack sleeveless suit jacket. Photo: William Ruto/Facebook.

Can we talk about the time that William Ruto stepped out looking amazing in a sleeveless suit jacket?

The DP had on a white African shirt and to complete the look, he donned a sleeveless black jacket. He wore this on the day he met a group of youths from Lamu county in June this year.

William Ruto’s stylish Madaraka Day look

William Ruto definitely proved you do not always need a suit to look elegant on a public holiday after stepping out with white trousers, a black African shirt that had a hint of Ankara prints on the right side during Madaraka Day celebration in Kisumu.

William Ruto’s fashion sense on daughter June’s wedding

DP Ruto and wife racheal Ruto step out in style during their daughter’s wedding with her Nigerian husband. Photo: William Ruto/Facebook

On the day of his daughter’s wedding, William Ruto’s bespoke black suit stole the show. Ruto walked June down the aisle donning the luxurious suit, a bow tie, and hat.

The wedding was held at his Karen residence in May 2021.

Wiliam Ruto’s African attire on June Ruto’s dowry ceremony

Weeks before the wedding, William Ruto’s Nigerian in-laws flew into the country for the dowry ceremony which was also held at Karen.

As usual, the second in command did not disappoint as he stepped out in a white African shirt that had some Ankara prints. He matched the shirt with black trousers and a white cap.

William Ruto’s African suit

DP Ruto
William Ruto’s love for African attire played out when he wore this white and black suit. Photo: William Ruto/Facebook.

William Ruto also spiced his fashion sense up, when he proved a kitenge suit is even much better than a conventional one.

This is after he wore a white African attire that almost passed as a suit. He matched his white trouser with a white and black shirt

DP Ruto and floral blazers

The deputy president also proved he is hands down the most stylish male politician after rocking a navy-blue floral blazer that complemented his checked shirt and peach-colored trousers.

William Ruto looking dapper in checked trousers

DP Ruto
Ruto proves checked trousers have never run out of fashion. Photo: William Ruto.

William Ruto also showed that checked trousers have never run out of fashion especially if they are worn with the right African shirt and perhaps a cane?

William Ruto in stylish sunglasses

If you still have doubts that William Ruto is a stylish politician, what if we take you back to a time when he donned sunglasses during an event.

Oh, and he also proved that socks are not always a must-wear.

DP Ruto looking smartly dressed in blue Ankara shirt

DP Ruto
William Ruto stepped out in this elegant look during a meeting at Karen. Photo: William Ruto/Facebook

At this point, you must be thinking that William Ruto has a personal stylist especially because of this outfit that he once rocked after hosting a delegation at his residence.

DP Ruto looked youthful in this blue Ankara shirt that he wore with cream-colored trousers.

William Ruto’s love for African shirts

It is so far obvious that William Ruto’s love for African attires is unmatched. To close this list, we look at the day he hosted former CBK governor Ndung’u.

He stepped out looking all magnificent in a pink African shirt that had hints of blue.

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