Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has hailed president Uhuru Kenyatta development record in the country. months after publicly differing with the Head fo State.

In a post on his Facebook page, Sonko said that although he has disagreed with the Jubilee party leader before, he wishes to ‘give credit where it belongs’.

“Jokes and politics aside. Musiseme hii ni kufinywa., hakuna kufinywa nilifinywa (I have not been induced to say this). Truly speaking Jamaa anachapa Job (the guy is really working),” wrote Mike Sonko as he shared pictures of Uhuru’s projects.

The two started disagreeing when president Uhuru appointed Mohammed Badi to be the head of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services. Photo: Standard.

This is a change of tune for Sonko, who once dismissed president Uhuru publicly, accusing him of leading the country to the wrong direction.

The two started disagreeing when president Uhuru appointed military man Mohammed Badi to be the head of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS).

In March 2020, the head of State called governor Sonko to State House where he signed an agreement to hand over some county functions to NMS.

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In the presence of devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa, Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka, and Attorney General Paul Kihara, Sonko officially handed over his roles to Mohammed Badi.

Months later, the former governor started feeling and claiming he had been misled into handing over his functions which had now rendered him technically jobless.

He started accusing the president of meddling in county affairs through NMS yet he (Mike Sonko) was the duly elected Nairobi governor.

In order to frustrate NMS boss, Badi, Sonko declined to release funds to NMS

He was later impeached by the county assembly on grounds of gross misconduct, a decision that was upheld by the senate, sending him home

After losing it all, a bitter Mike Sonko turned to insulting president Uhuru, and publicly declaring allegiance to DP William Ruto.

 “We respect you but we shall not fear you when it comes to telling you the truth. Go home,” Sonko told Uhuru.

Sonko also started attacking the planned constitutional amendment through the Building bridges Initiative, claiming Uhuru intended to pass it so as to remain in power.

“The people are tired of shenanigans. They want development so that they can provide for their families. We the political class need to stop being selfish, BBI only aids the ones in power,” he said.