Deputy President William Ruto has dismissed Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru statement that Kikuyus cannot be bought.

The Kiriyaga County boss has on several occasions stated that; ‘You can rent a Kikuyu but you can’t buy one,’ in reference to William Ruto’s forrays into Mt Kenya region

She has been at the forefront warning the deputy president not to count on the region’s support ahead of the 2022 presidential election.

Deputy President William Ruto has silenced Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru after her statement that Kikuyus cannot be bought.
Deputy President William Ruto has silenced Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru after her statement that Kikuyus cannot be bought. Photo: Waiguru/Facebook.

In her statement, Waiguru has been implying that DP William Ruto is enjoying popularity among the Kikuyus just for a short period because they are after his money but they will not sell their loyalty to him.

During a meeting with grassroots leaders from Kirinyaga County on July 22, DP Ruto fired a warning at Waiguru and other leaders who are spreading the narrative about Kikuyus.

“I want to tell these leaders, Please, let us stop the insults. There is no community or person who can be paid, bought or rented,

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“Kenyans have a sane mind, and they can differentiate between those taking the country forward and those who are after dragging it back,” he said.

Ruto challenged his opponents to have a plan of countering his growing popularity in Mt Kenya region instead of insulting an entire community.

“So, if you do not have plans and manifestos, please stop the insults. Stop saying there are people who can be bought, rented, or paid. There is no fool in Kenya,” he added.

After the win of UDA in the Kiambaa by-elections, the Kirinyaga Governor fired a warning shot at William Ruto, saying the win does not reflect the results of the 2022 Presidential elections.

“In Kenya’s electoral history, by-elections have always been outliers with little or no relationship with the General Election. Having said that, there are two warnings that could be extracted for both Jubilee and UDA in Kiambaa by-election,” Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru said

Other than Waiguru, Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi is also notorious for telling Ruto the; ‘You can rent a Kikuyu but you can’t buy one’ saying.

UDA, a party heavily associated with William Ruto has been making inroads in Mt Kenya region, having directly or indirectly won three by-elections now, signalling the growing influence of the deputy president in the vote-rich region.