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Atwoli accuses Mudavadi, Wetangula of using parties to make money

by Amos Khaemba

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has accused Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi and Ford Kenya leader Moses Wengula of running political parties solely to make money and deals.

Taking to Twitter after the ANC National Delegates Congress at Bomas of Kenya where Musalia and Wetangula joined forces with William Ruto, Atwoli labeled the two parties as ‘Commercial Kiosks.’

“As I said earlier, Amani National Congress and Ford Kenya are political commercial kiosks for (Musalia) Mudavadi and (Moses) Wetangula,” Atwoli said.

The vibrant unionist lashed out at the ANC leader for allowing Deputy President William Ruto to fund his party’s NDC terming it disrespect to the Luhya community.

Atwoli added that Mudavadi won’t be the president of Kenya simply because he has befriended DP Ruto.

“And who told him (Musalia Mudavadi) he is going to be President? Befriending Ruto is not the key to the presidency,” he said.

The vocal self-styled political elder was responding to Musalia’s criticism of the labour movement leadership during his ‘earthquake’ speech.

Mudavadi lashed out at Atwoli for holding the labor movement hostage and only enriching himself.

“COTU is hostage to clowns who openly boast of, and display, the trapping of massive opulence, whose sources remain smoky and mysterious. These clowns have bastardized state institutions by weaponizing them for selfish ends,” Mudavadi said.


Atwoli rubbished Mudavadis’s criticism saying the ANC leader has nothing to offer the Kenyan labour movement.

“If I was clueless and if COTU was weak, they wouldn’t have spent the time and the energy focusing on me and COTU,” Atwoli twitted.

The outspoken trade unionist labeled Mudavadi as a leader who has never played any role in uplifting the welfare of a Kenya worker.

“Mudavadi, in 1994 while minister for finance, sneaked in the redundancy clause into the Finance Bill of 1994, as suggested by the World Bank, which allowed employers to declare redundancy without consulting workers, so how will he empower workers?” Atwoli posed.

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