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Harun Aydin: Turkish businessman on William Ruto’s aborted trip to Uganda detained

by Kivumbi

Harun Aydin, the Turkish businessman on Deputy President Willam Ruto’s failed trip to Uganda last week was detained on Saturday midmorning upon arriving from Uganda.

The arrest followed a week of speculations around Arun Aydin’s business interest in the region with William Ruto and his allies having defended the businessman against claims he is a terror suspect.

Aydin was first detained by immigration officials upon landing from Uganda where he had been from August 2.

Kivumbi.co.ke understands he was questioned about his work permit, immigration status, and business interests in the region.

It is understood the Turkish businessman runs a company called Unit 2HA Investment Energy Africa Ltd and was issued a working permit in June 2021 set to expire in June 2023.

Harun Aydin was later picked up by Anti-terror police for further questioning before being handed over to Nairobi Area Police Station.

Interestingly, William Ruto’s allies knew of the plot to arrest Aydin even before he landed from Uganda and shared the same on social media.

Last week, while appearing on Inooro TV, William Ruto said he knew Harun Aydin and also said he helped him secure a KSh 15 billion loan to set up a business in Uganda.

“ The investor of that company came to this office. He asked me how he can reach Equity bank. So I can get funding to set up a business in Uganda. I took my phone, called Equity Bank, and asked them to help the man,

“After he successfully got KSh 15 Billion, he built the factory. Where is the mistake if he asks me to visit?” Ruto posed in the interview.

William Ruto’s allies thus believe the arrest of the businessmen is part of a wider strategy to try and embarrass the deputy president by linking him to imaginary scandals just to tarnish his name.

“Harun Aydin is an investor recognized by Govt of Kenya&issued with a valid class G permit,

“The only reason why he has been arrested is that the authorities are embarrassed after blocking William Ruto from going to Uganda and they want to continue the pettiness they have displayed for 4 years,” said Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen in a tweet.

On August 2, William Ruto was blocked from flying to Uganda alongside Harun Aydin and a hot of other MPs allied to the deputy president on grounds that he did not have the necessary clearance.

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