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MP Alice Wahome details how Jubilee and ODM party are being killed slowly

by Nderi Caren

Kandara MP Alice Wahome has accused ODM and Jubilee Secretary Generals Edwin Sifuna and Raphael Tuju of orchestrating the fall of the two parties.

According to Wahome, who is an ardent supporter of deputy president Willia Ruto, the two officials are slowly killing the parties by initiating coalition talks with each other.

“They have the unfortunate positions of mid-wifing the death of ODM and Jubilee. And they have been very active to that end. Our party(Jubilee) has been very active trying to eject the Deputy President out of Jubilee,” Said Wahome during an interview on Citizen TV.

Edwin Sifuna and Raphael Tuju accused of plot to kill ODM and JUbilee partie
Kandara MP Alice Wahome Jubilee party for instance has been very active trying to eject William Ruto from the party without consulting other founding parties which formed Jubilee. Photo: William Ruto/Facebook.

On the same platform, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna took full responsibility for the fate of the party after the merger.

Sifuna warned opponents about being concerned with the survival of their party, vowing to take responsibility for their actions if the coalition does not bear fruits.

“People want to cry our tears. If indeed we are making a mistake getting into an arrangement that is not beneficial for us, then it is our funeral. I don’t understand why people are mourning louder than the bereaved,” said Edwin Sifuna.

The planned union between ODM and Jubilee has sparked debate from across the political divide.

The two parties have been a laughing stock for Deputy President William Ruto’s camp.

Speaking in West Pokot on June 19, Ruto said that he is unbothered with the coalition since he has already found a soft landing in the United Democratic Alliance(UDA).

“They have broken Jubilee, the national party. Now they want to tell us to start parties based on our tribes. We want to tell them, hustler nation can not fit in a party of one tribe. We will have a national party where all Kenyans can fit,

“Now they want to unite Jubilee and ODM, they think that when they unite Jubilee and ODM, we hustlers will lack a party to propel us. We want to tell them that we are keen. We have a party for hustlers, it is called UDA (United Democratic Alliance),” Ruto said.

Even as Ruto’s camp criticizes the union, ODM and Jubilee have made serious their unity plans, vowing to front a candidate from the coalition in the 2022 Presidential race.

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