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Elders accuse Mike Sonko’s nightclub of promoting immortality

by Amos Khaemba

Kaya elders have called on the police to close the Volume VIP club owned by Ex-Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko for promoting immorality at the coast.

Addressing the press on Saturday, May 7, the elders alleged that Sonko’s nightclub has been turned into a den of prostitution.

“Vile club alifungua kule Nyali tunataka DCIO Mombasa avifunge pamoja na county commissioners. Kwa sababu anachukua watoto washule, wanapika picha uji, picha zinapelekwa ng’ambo, ni Biashara.

“Huyu mtu ni mbaya, atakuwa gavana namna gani kama hiyo ndio kazi yake.” the elders said.

Loosely translated to,” We want those clubs that he opened in Nyali to be closed by County Commissioner together with the Mombasa DCIO. Because he takes pictures of school-going and sent them abroad. If those are his business how can he become the governor of Mombasa.”

The elders lashed out at the Wiper leadership led by Kalonzo Musyoka for allowing Sonko to contest for the Mombasa gubernatorial seat saying he lacks moral values to be a governor.

Volume VIP Club caught which officially opened towards the end of 2021, is decked out with Versace themes, fancy gold fittings, lighting fixtures, a 3D dancefloor, screens, and more.

Sonko who was impeached as Nairobi governor in 2020 is expected to officially launch his gubernatorial bid today at Tononoka grounds.

While issuing the nomination ticket to Sonko, former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka last week said that the former Nairobi Governor cannot be denied a ticket since he has not been charged with a crime.

Sonko has not been charged with crimes against humanity. The only thing is he was impeached by the County Assembly of Nairobi and the decision was upheld by the Senate,” Kalonzo said.

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