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Ex-soccer star MacDonald Mariga attacked during a campaign rally

by Amos Khaemba

Ex-soccer star turned politician MacDonald Mariga is nursing injuries following an attack by unknown goons during a campaign rally in the Kibra constituency.

On Monday, May 30, Mariga who is contesting for the Kibra parliamentary seat on United Democratic Alliance(UDA) ticket hit out at his opponents for using youths to cause violence.

In a video seen by Kivumbi. co. ke, Mariga is seen being attended to by doctors at a Nairobi hospital injured in his left hand wrapped in bandages.

Taking to the media, Mariga revealed that the attack left him with his hand broken, plus sections of his supporters injured in the fracas.

“We condemn Today’s incident that occurred after goons stormed into our Campaigns during the day injured my supporters and I not mentioning that some females we sexually harassed,”

This is not the Kibra we want, we wanted a peaceful home where we all feel safer, but all I know ground is locked.” Mariga said on Facebook.

The attack has attracted condemnation from Kenyans who he called on politicians to exercise political tolerance ahead of the August polls.

“McDonald Mariga was attacked during his campaign in Kibra, it’s very unfortunate that our brothers from the lake still believe that anybody opposed to Raila’s presidency should be beaten to death. When will we practise political tolerance? We can fight ideologically.” Amir Oyawo a random Twitter user said.

Another Twitter user Lutomia Goddy, said, “It’s very unfortunate that this is still happening in 2022, sixty years after independence.Quick Recovery Comrade MacDonald Mariga.We will deliver Kibra from its shackles. We shall overcome. Lutomia Goddy”

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