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Friday ulalala! Presidential candidate says weekend to start on Friday if elected

by Amos Khaemba

Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has pledged to reduce the number of working days from 5 days to 4 days if elected president in the forthcoming General Election.

Sharing a poster highlighting his manifesto on Twitter on Thursday, May 5, Wajackoyah promised that weekends will be commencing on Friday and not Saturday as the norm.

According to the Roots Party presidential candidates, Kenyans will be working from Monday to Thursday and break for a 3-day weekend under his government.

The long weekends promised by Wajackoyah differ from other presidential hopefuls who have been advocating for a 24-hour economy.

To many Kenyans, ‘It will be party after party’ if Wajackoyah wins the August 9 presidential elections,

Kenyans on Twitter had varied opinions about the long weekend being promised by the Roots party leader.

One random Twitter user called on the presidential candidate to ensure all public holidays are held on Wednesdays instead of giving Kenyans long weekends.

“Make us celebrate all public holidays on Wednesdays instead of the weekend starting on Fridays.” a Twitter user wrote.
Wajackoyah whose campaign slogan is Bangi ni Dawa (Marijuana is Medicine) has also promised to legalize marijuana if elected the 5th president of Kenya.

He has always been advocating for the legalization of marijuana, saying it will improve the livelihoods of many Kenyans.

“Our main job would be growing Marijuana and selling it to foreign consumers. This would generate a lot of money which would in return be used for the benefit of the country,” Wajackoyah said during his presidential bid.

Wajackoyah who is not new to controversy further promised to smoke marijuana on his first day at the State House.

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