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I do not regret dumping Uhuru for Ruto-Gathoni Wa Muchomba

by Nderi Caren

Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wa Muchomba has defended her change of allegiance from President Uhuru to William Ruto’s camp ahead of the 1011 General Election.

According to her, she is following the wishes of the people of Kiambu and does not regret moving away from the Jubilee party, a party she fought so hard for.

“I have changed my loyalty from President Uhuru’s government and I am going to support (deputy President) William Ruto’s camp. My instincts tell me as a politician, I should follow my people, and that is what I am doing,” Said Gathoni Wa Muchomba in an address to journalists on Monday, June 28.

Gathoni Wa Muchomba details why she dumped Uhuru for Ruto
Wa Muchomba also blamed the mismanagement in Jubilee party for her change of camp. Photo: Gathoni Wa Muchomba/Facebook.

Her discomfort with President Uhuru’s camp started with the March 2018 handshake between him and Raila.

It was then, as she describes, worsened by the looming coalition between Jubilee party and ODM party.

“My Kiambu people have shown me that they have shifted their support from (President)Uhuru to (William) Ruto. And they are annoyed, I do not know if the President knows that, they are angry because they were not involved in the handshake. Also, they are angry with the looming merger between Jubilee and ODM,” she explained.

Wa Muchomba also blamed the mismanagement in the Jubilee party for her change of heart. She accused the management of making big decisions without consulting its members, which is a sign of disrespect.

“I have fought for the Jubilee government but they could not even have called me to ask for my opinion? (in plans to merge with ODM party) That means we are not useful.” she went on.

The Kiambu Woman Representative reached her melting point after Jubilee suffered a huge loss at the Juja Constituency by-election.

Being at the centre of the election, Wa Muchomba announced that she will take a break from politics just after People’sEmpowerment Party (PEP) Geoffrey Koimburi was announced the winner of the mini polls.

After a long silence, Wa Muchomba’s next public appearance was at DP Ruto’s Karen residence, where she was officially welcomed into the Hustler Nation.

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