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Gatundu MP walks again after 137 days in hospital with burnt feet

by Amos Khaemba

After being bedridden for 137 days, Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria is able to walk again.

The outspoken lawmaker was discharged on Saturday February 12, from the American Hostpital in Dubai where he has been undergoing treatment.

Kuria has been undergoing treatment after sustaining third-degree burns, he suffered in his feet last year.

The lawmaker shared a video on his social media, that showed him being taken on a walk with his doctors and a number of hospital staffs.

One of the lead doctors is heard in the video expressing her happiness to see Kuria back on his feet after 137 days of being unable to walk.

“Today we are walking with the Honourable Moses Kuria on his feet after 137 days. We prevented amputation at the American Hospital in Dubai,” said the doctor in a video posted on Kuria’s Facebook page.

So far the Kuria has undergone eight stem cell surgeries both in the country and outside the country.

Chama Cha Kazi which the Gatundu lawker is its party leader, joined other Kenyans in thanking God for healing the lawmaker.

“We are happy to see our party leader walking again. Our hearts are filled with joy and praise to the lord,” Chama Cha Kazi posted on Twitter.

“If Moses Kuria can walk again nothing is impossible in this life. Allah is great,” One Kenyan posted on Twitter

“Seeing Moses Kuria walk again after all those months in hospital bed reminds me 21 years ago when I could not walk for 7 months. But God always comes through…Musa shukuru his Almighty forever,” Another Kenyan posted.

Deputy President William Ruto recently visited Kuria during his admission at the American Hospital, Dubai.

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