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Homa Bay MP on why men should not undergo circumcision

by Amos Khaemba

Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma has given reasons as to why he is opposed to male circumcision.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, May 13, the outspoken legislature said male circumcision should be banned just like female genital mutilation.

According to Kaluma, if God had intended for men to undergo circumcision he could have done so, saying there’s no way God can create an incomplete human being.

“Circumcision is male genital mutilation! Don’t go cutting yourself as if God created you incomplete or in excess! Real men return to God full. Keep yourself clean. Jesus lived in a desert!” Kaluma. said on Twitter.

But sentiments by the lawmaker did not go unchallenged as Kenyans on social media criticized the position taken by the ODM MP.

Most of those who are in. support of circumcision opine that it is a right of passage that one has to undergo.

“I haven’t seen an adult male criticizing circumcision. get something else for discussion. circumcision is among the passage of right, how will differentiate you from the young grade two boys,” Davis Njagy a random Twitter user said.

Michael Kairu said, “I will circumcise my sons because it’s a passage from one set to another and if not circumcised you’re not respected or can’t lead any group and mostly it’s healthy…am proud of my Kikuyu culture”

The issue of circumcision has always been emotive even at one point Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria called on the Mt Kenya residents not to vote for Raila Odinga claiming that he is not circumcised.

“In 1969 when you are under siege you rally 300,000 Kikuyus to take an oath-at a fee-binding them never to elect an uncircumcised person. 50 years later without calling for another oath to undo the first one, you unilaterally make an about-turn and expect the whole community to follow you,” Kuria said.

But ODM leader would later hit back at Kuria saying that circumcision should be a concern of one’s spouse and not of a fellow man.

“My first question, how do you know that Raila is not circumcised? Secondly, you are a man like Raila, what is your business with his body parts. We have seen all the tribes in Kenya intermarrying each other. Why haven’t we seen the ladies complaining? You must be gay to raise such matters,” Rails said.

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