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Hustler nation: Mama mboga, Boda Boda rider accompanies William Ruto to IEBC

by Amos Khaemba

William Ruto has built his presidential quest around the promise to change Kenya’s economic model from trickle-down to bottom-up where the government invests more in ordinary Kenyans who he has termed as hustlers.

The UDA presidential candidate holds that for Kenya to prosper economically, the government has to prioritize empowering the common man i.e vegetable vendors, Boda Boda riders, cat pushers, etc.

So strong has his message been that the former Eldoret North MP has built an almost religious following around him to the anger of his opponents who have accused him of setting up the country for a class war where the poor will one day start attacking the rich and middle class.

On Saturday, June 4 during the presentation of his papers for clearance as a presidential candidate, Ruto, and his deputy were accompanied by two ordinary Kenyans who seconded their intent to vie for the presidency.

Pauline Waithera (mama mboga)who runs a fruit grocery shop in Kiambu town and Calvin Okoth a Boda Boda rider represents the millions of ordinary Kenyans allied to Ruto’s hustler movement, the basis of his bottom-up economic model.

Speaking after being cleared by IEBC, the United Democratic Alliance presidential flag bearer thanked the two for believing in the economic liberation of the country.

“Not to forget Pauline Waithera, the great woman from Kiambu market in Kangangi where I met her in one of our economic forums, discussing the economy of every county,” said Ruto.

“Calvine Ochieng who runs his small hustle around Kilimani and constantly gives us support in the UDA office whenever we need somebody to transport something,” Ruto said.

William Ruto’s bottom-up economic model has faced a lot of criticism from the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party-leaning politicians who have termed it a catchphrase meant to mislead Kenya youths.

“People who were promised digital jobs, who were promised knowledge-based economy, who were promised double-digit economic growth, are now being offered wheelbarrows and being told Kazi ni, Kazi,” Raila said last year.

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