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I will beat Raila Odinga early in the morning, Ruto declares

by Amos Khaemba

Kenya Kwanza alliance presidential flag bearer William Ruto has expressed confidence that he will defeat his main competitor, Raila Odinga of the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party early in the morning.

Speaking in Kilifi on Friday, May 27, during the Kenya Kwanza alliance economic forum, Ruto said no one will interfere with his victory.

“Kwa hivyo hawa watu Hakuna kitu watafanya, there’s nothing they will do. Si tuliwashinda Msambweni, Juja a Kiambaa na hawakufanya chochote. Hii tutawashinda asubuhi na mapema na hakuna kitu watafanya,” Ruto said.

Loosely translated to, “There is nothing these people will do. We defeated them in Msambweni, Juja, and Kiambaa and they did nothing. In August we will defeat them early in the morning and they will do nothing.”

The Kenya Kwanza alliance presidential flag bearer dismissed the existence of a ‘deep state‘ adding he is not the kind of a person whose election can be stolen.

“Ati wako na kitu inaitwa system ndio watatumia kushinda uchaguzi. Si walishindwa kuniondoa. Mkiniona hivi, nakaa mtu wa kuibiwa kura.Hiyo ni ndoto ya mchana haiwezekani. Wataiba kura ya nani? Ruto added.

Loosely translated to, “They are saying they will use the deep state to win. They were unable to unseat me as the DP. They’re just daydreaming. These people are just jokers,”

But even as the second in command expresses confidence that his election cannot be stolen, his allies recently hit out at ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru accusing him of planning to interfere with the August polls.

DP Ruto’s party alleged that Mucheru could use his technology docket to influence the outcome of the August 9th General Elections.

“Of concern to us is the critical role the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology plays in supervising and overseeing the Communication Authority of Kenya,” UDA said in a letter to IEBC.

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