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Kenya’s first female presidential running mate to smoke bang during swearing-in

by Amos Khaemba

Justina Wangui Wamae, the first female presidential running mate has vowed not to smoke marijuana in the event they win the August presidential election.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Wamae who was recently named the running mate to presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah has claimed that she will take her first puff of bang during their inauguration.

Even though she has never smoked weed, Wamae said she is willing to smoke hang in celebration if they secure victory in the August polls.

“I have never puffed bhang but one thing I can assure you, I have even asked for permission from my husband, the moment we win, during the inauguration, tuna puff, kishash (bhang) lazima kiwashwe. But it’s only for that day,” she said in a media interview.

Wamae further revealed that she got enticed by Wajackoyah’s ideologies on his presidential aspiration and, most importantly, that he is supportive of women’s inclusivity in leadership.

“I had never met Professor before, but I liked his ideologies, and he seems to positively think about the youth and women leadership, other parties are going for much older people. The fact that the idea was practical, a real idea, compelled me to support it.” She said.

Her presidential candidate under the Roots Party has promised to legalize marijuana, an incentive they say will spur Kenya’s economic recovery.

Legalisation of Marijuana was among the key agendas that the presidential hopeful unveiled on Saturday, February 13, saying it will improve the livelihoods of many Kenyans.

The presidential candidate promised to use the proceeds from the sale of bhang to clear Kenya’s debt.

“Our main job would be growing Marijuana and selling it to foreign consumers. This would generate a lot of money which would in return be used for the benefit of the country,” Wajackoyah said.

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