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Kipchumba Murkomen recalls the day he was booed because of doomed BBI

by Nderi Caren

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen recalled the day he was heckled and intimidated at the Bomas of Kenya during the launch of the now apparently doomed BBI bill.

The outspoken senator shared, on his social media page, a video of proponents of BBI shouting him down on November 26, 2020, during the official launch of the BBI report

He shared this while celebrating today’s judgment by the Court of Appeal upholding a previous High Court decision that declared the entire BBI process illegal, null and void.

“I remember this day just like yesterday. I was later removed unconstitutionally from Senate leadership. Lakini  Mungu si athumani(But God is present),” he wrote.

In the video above, that Kipchumba Murkomen shared, he was addressing delegates at the Bomas of Kenya when proponents of BBI, mainly from President Uhuru and Raila Odinga’s camps started to boo him.

“If we are going to build an honest Kenya going forward, your excellency, we must be able to put our views on the ground. If this podium is going to be used to lecture other people and give other views, we must come out and speak our voices,” Murkomen said amid BBI chants from the crowd.

Before Murkomen took to the stage, Suna East MP Junet Mohamed, who was the MC warned him against talking about Jubilee politics.

“We are here to discuss the BBI, they can sort out the problem that is in Jubilee later, we are not involved,” Junet Mohammed said as the crowd busted into laughter.

It took the initiative of the late Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji, who was the BBI Taskforce Chairman to calm down the hecklers and allow Murkomen to speak.

Other than Kipchumba Murkomen, Deputy President William Ruto was also humiliated during the launch of the doomed BBI bill.

When Ruto took to the stage, opponents heckled him as President Uhuru giggled at what was happening.

Today, after the nullification of the BBI by the Court of appeal, DP Ruto has given thanks to God after the collapse of the BBI.

“God, our heavenly father has come through for Kenya and stopped the coalition of the known, the mighty, and the powerful from destroying our constitution,

“Our God, help the alliance of the unknown, the jobless, the hustlers & struggling farmers to now engineer our economy from bottom-up,” said William Ruto.

Today, the BBI bill has been declared as null and void.

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