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List of 241 politicians EACC wants blocked from August election over corruption

by Amos Khaemba

With 69 days remaining to the August General Elections, candidates are lining up at Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)offices across the country seeking clearance.

But as candidates seek clearance there has been an ongoing debate on the eligibility of candidates facing numerous cases ranging from corruption to forgery of academic papers.

Recently Chief Justice Martha Koome opined that candidates who have previously been impeached or convicted by a court of law should not be cleared to vie in the August election.

To complicate matters for some vocal politicians, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission on Wednesday, June 1, called on the IEBC to block 241 politicians from participating in the August polls.

“Following integrity verification of 21,863 aspirants for elective offices, EACC has identified 241 with outstanding integrity issues and forwarded the report to IEBC. EACC considers the 241 to have fallen short of the moral and ethical standards for election to public office.” EACC said on Twitter.

The commission said the earmarked politician have either been charged in court, or their files have been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions for action.

“The 241 include convicted persons, those who have been investigated, found culpable and files forwarded to DPP, and those already charged in court, among others. Various actions have been taken against the individuals in accordance with the law.” EACC added.

With the fate of the politician now in the IEBC hands, Kivumbi.co.ke looks at the list of the 241 blacklisted politicians.

Presidential candidates

1. Justus Onyango (Forgery of ID)

2. Matayo Obwogi ( Did not resign as a civil servant)

3. Mwangi Wa Iria (Corruption and forgery)

Gubernatorial candidates

Among the gubernatorial candidates include

1 Evans Kidero (Corruption)

2. Ali Korane (Corruption)

3. Godhana Gaddae (Corruption)

4.  Mike Sonko (Corruption, jail break)

5. Anne Waiguru (Corruption)

6. John Munyes (Corruption)

7. Hassan Noor

8.Chris Obure

9. Muthoni Njuki

10. Fahim Twaha

Other gubernatorial aspirants on the list include Adan Nathif, Hassan Noor, Thuo Mathenge, Mohamed Mohamud, Mwangi Waithaka, and Chitavi Mkhala.

Senatorial candidates

  1. Okoth Obado……Money laundering, Corruption

2. Dan Mungatana………….Corruption

3. Lilian Omollo……NYS scandal

4. Richard Onyonka…….Corruption

5. Karungo Thang’wa…., …Impeached by Kiambu county assembly

Members of the National assembly

1. John Waluke (Sirisia, convicted and sentenced for corruption)

2.Jonah Mburu (Lari),

3.Samuel Arama ( Nakuru Town West),

4.Fredrick Odhiambo (Ugunja),

5.James Gakuya (Embakasi North),

6. Didmus Barasa (Kimilili, forgery of academic papers)

7. Alfred Keter (Nandi Hills)

8.Oscar Sudi ( Forgery of academic papers)

9.Alfred Mutua ( Abuse of office)

10. Sospeter Ojamong(Abuse of office)

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