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Martha Karua effect? William Ruto’s enticing pledges to women in hunt for crucial votes

by Amos Khaemba

On Monday, May 16, 2022. presidential frontrunner Raila Odinga picked Martha Karua as his running mate in what ignited the hunt for women’s votes.

The choice of Martha Karua was a strategic move aimed at winning the women’s votes bearing in mind that his main competitor William Ruto had already settled on a male candidate as his running mate.

Opinion polls done after the two leading presidential contenders had named their running mates showed that more women voters were associating with the Raila-Karua ticket.

But in a move to counter the growing popularity of Karua, the Kenya Kwanza alliance presidential flag bearer has pledged several goodies to women ahead of the August polls.

On Friday, June 10, DP Ruto led other Kenya Kwanza alliance leaders in signing what they termed as Kenya Kwanza Women Charter.

Under the charter, William Ruto’s alliance has pledged to allocate 50 % of the cabinet position in his government to women.

The Kenya Kwanza alliance supremo will also establish a health program dubbed Hustler Health Care that will give every woman an NHIF health insurance card free of charge for indigent women & at affordable premiums commensurate with one’s income for the rest of the women.

“We will establish the Hustler Health Care program where every woman in Kenya shall be insured by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF),” Ruto said.

DP Ruto has also promised that his government will provide free diapers for newborn babies for three months and Free sanitary pads for all girls.

The Kenya Kwanza alliance presidential flag bearer promised to actualize the ever-elusive two-thirds gender rule within 12 months.

Further, Ruto agreed to reserve 50% allocation of the 50 billion Hustlers fund that his government will create for women.

Without a doubt, the naming of Karua as Raila’s running mate has reshaped the campaign methods designed to win over the crucial women’s votes.

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