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Miguna Miguna wants Wajackoyah to prove his professorship

by Amos Khaemba

Controversial Roots Party presidential flag bearer George Wajackoyah is touted to be the most learned among the four presidential candidates.

According to his social media pages, the ‘bangi ni dawa’ presidential candidate has claimed to be having 17 degree certificates from different institutions.

But being a season of controversy after controversy, it is becoming hard to ascertain the validity of the academic credentials of politicians eying elective positions in the August 9 election.

On Friday, July 1, exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna challenged the Roots Party presidential flag bearer to prove the authenticity of his professorship.

According to Miguna, Wajackoyah’s reasoning and public utterances do not conform to that of someone who studied abroad challenging him to explain the inconsistencies.


“You claim to have 26 university degrees, mostly from the UK, and the majority of which are supposed to be “law degrees,” yet a casual review of your statements, utterances, and writing in English discloses syntax that is not related to the English Language. Please explain,” Miguna posed on Twitter.

The exiled barrister further challenged Wajackoyah to provide evidence on how he acquired his professorship adding that he doubts the credibility of the institutions that Wajackoyah claims to have undergone.

“You claim to be a “university professor” and many of us would wish to congratulate you fervently for such glorious academic achievement but only IF you could be so kind as to give us credible evidence that your professorship was vested on you by a recognized university,” Miguna added.

On Tuesday, June, 7 Kivumbi.co.ke took a look at Wajackoyah’s rich educational background which shows that he did not attain the professor title easily.

George Luchiri Wajackoyah Ph.D., Walden University, Studied Post Graduate Diploma in Law at Kenya School of Law. He then proceeded to study for a Master in Law in the USA at the University of Baltimore. He did his second Masters’s degree in Law (LLM) at SOAS University of London.

Wajackoyah who has pledged to legalize bhang then went ahead and did a third Masters’s degree in philosophy at Walden University.

The Roots Party leader then studied Masters of Laws Development at the University of Warwick, UK. It was at this point that education became very sweet to him.

Our good man again studied Bachelor of Laws at the Universities of Wolverhampton (UK) after which he came to Africa and studied Advanced Diploma in French at the University of Burundi.

Wajackoyah who named Justina Wamae as his 2022 presidential running mate further holds a Diploma in French from the Kenya Institute of Administration Studied Economics and Refugee law at World University Service United Kingdom.

At Riara University, he studied the Laws of Kenya. He studied Postgraduate Diploma at Maastricht University.

He studied Legal Practice Course LPC at the University of Westminster, UK. He studied Certificate in Comparative Laws at the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Apart from law, Wajackoya has also studied Criminal/Civil Litigation at the American Heritage University of Southern.

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