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Mount Kenya University student dies after falling off balcony

by Enock Ndayala
Mount Kenya University Student dies after falling off balcony. Photo: MKU

A Mount Kenya University nursing student is said to have died after falling from the balcony of a house while trying to access her house through the backdoor.

It is said that Edah had locked her house keys in the house and as such the only way was to gain access using the backdoor of her house but through the balcony of a neighboring storeyed building.

According to multiple reports, she succumbed to her injuries instantly. The body was moved to General Kago Hospital in Thika town by police officers who visited the scene on Tuesday morning.

The incident happened near Mount Kenya University’s ain campus in Thika town.

The university has not issued a statement about the incident. The news comes hours after several students from Kenyatta University died in a road accident involving the university’s bus and another vehicle

In March of 2020, a Mount Kenya University (MKU) student died after jumping from the 7th floor of Chancellor’s Tower at the institution’s main campus in Thika.

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