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Nakuru man who walked to deliver Ruto’s sculpture stranded in Karen, Nairobi

by Amos Khaemba

Silas Wanjeru, the artist who made the sculpture of the Kenya Kwanza alliance presidential flag bearer William Ruto has failed to secure an appointment to deliver the gift.

Wanjeru pushed the sculpture on a wheelbarrow for five days from Nakuru to Nairobi with the hope of delivering it to the outgoing deputy president.

Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke on Sunday, May 29, the artist, expressed disappointment that even after arriving in Nairobi on Tuesday, May 24, he has not managed to deliver the sculpture to his favorite presidential candidate.

“I was stopped at the gate but that is normal because of security officers unless an order comes down. I am focused on peace as an ambassador of William Ruto from Nakuru,” Wanjeru said.

For five days he has been in Nairobi, the artist has had to contend with unbearable weather conditions and irregular meals.

He revealed that he has been depending on well-wishers and other supporters of DP Ruto for food and shelter.

“Surviving has been a challenge because of the weather and maintaining the security for the sculpture of the DP because I am just an ordinary Kenyan.

“I have been supported by supporters of William Ruto as well as well-wishers from the surrounding who give me lunch and breakfast. I have the morale to wait for him,” he said.

Wanjeru revealed that deputy president handlers have contacted him and assured him that they will arrange for a meeting once the Kenya Kwanza alliance leader is in Nairobi.

“Ruto team has already come up and told me that immediately he arrives in Nairobi, they would prepare a way forward for me. It was a call from the DP’s office. They have seen me and I have spent days here,” he added.

But Wanjeru is adamant that he will not return to Nakuru before meeting William Ruto, who is a frontrunner for the August presidential elections.

“As an artist, I would like the DP to value my art and if he can support me so that I can help other Kenyans who have the dream to eradicate poverty. I would like the DP to hold my hand as an artist because we have shown our talents,” he started

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