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ODM Secretary General asks Ruto to stop hiding running mate like bhang

by Amos Khaemba

William Ruto’s 2022 presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua is known as one of the few politicians who are never afraid of speaking their minds.

Since Gachagua was named the running mate, he has made several controversial statements that have been used by politicians allied to the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party to incriminate Ruto.

Raila Odinga’s allies believe that with each time Ruto’s running mate opens his mouth, the Kenya Kwanza alliance presidential flag bearer loses potential votes.

But in the last few days, the Mathira MP has been watchful of his tongue, forcing Odinga allies to complain of the silence.

Speaking in Kibera on Sunday, June 5 during the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition rally, the ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna claimed that Ruto has been hiding his running mate.

He challenges the Kenya Kwanza alliance team to freely embrace their choice of running mate instead of behaving as if it was criminal to associate with him.

“Sisi tunajifunia ule mtu Baba umetupatia kama naibu wako, mweshimiwa Martha Karua. Mimi nashangaa mbona Ruto anaficha deputy wake kama ni bang. Kwanini wanaficha hii mwanaume kama wewe ulijua yeye ndiye anaenda kukusaidia kazi, aja kusikia aibu akiongea matope, patia yeye mic aongee tunataka kumjua kindani,” Sifuna said.

Loosely translated to, “We are happy with the person Raila named as his deputy, Martha Karua. I wonder why Ruto hides his deputy as it’s bhang. Why do they hide this man if you knew he is going to help you work, stop feeling embarrassed when he speaks, and give him the microphone to speak we want to know well.”

Sentiments by the ODM secretary-general come after a series of controversial remarks by William Ruto’s running mate that seems to he even rattled the Kenya Kwanza alliance brigade.

Recently he was quoted suggesting the Ukambani voting bloc might not be important in William Ruto’s presidential bid.

“Let’s talk the truth, votes from Kitui, Makueni, and Machakos only total about 1.5 million votes. Can those votes account for anything?” Gachagua said

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