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Peter Kagwanja: Gacagua will help William Ruto completely lock Mt Kenya vote

by Amos Khaemba

Governance expert Peter Kagwanja has claimed that the appointment of Rigathi Gacagua by Deputy President William Ruto as his running mate will help him lock out Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya from the populous Mt Kenya region.

Speaking on TV 47 on Monday, May 16, Kagwanja said that Gacagua has great mobilization skills which can not be matched by any other politician in Mt Kenya.

“Ruto has the people of Mt Kenya, but he can lose them. Rigathi was best for him. His guts, fury, and streetwise skills is all his side needed to finish the race” Kagwanja said.

According to Kagwanja, DP Ruto needed someone who can ring-fence the votes that he has already ‘ won’ in Mt Kenya.

“Ruto does not need Gachagua to win Mt Kenya votes, he already has them. What he needs is a commander who will help him hold the ground he already has…Gachagua is that person.” He started.

Kagwanja pointed out that, the mobilization skills of the Mathira MP began long-time ago during their days in school.

“I know Rigathi from our days in school. We used to call him Jaguar. He was one of the most innovative in terms of making money more than any of us. We could go to Mombasa by road, but he could fly.” Kagwanja noted.

Kagwanja opined that DP Ruto would not have gone for the luxury in the name of Kithure Kindiki as a running mate as he would have easily lost grip of the Mt Kenya region.

Rigathi Gacagua running mate, Mt Kenya

“This is a bear-knuckle fight for Mt Kenya votes, why would Ruto go be going for luxuries of a professor…he needs someone who will go there do things without asking money,” Kagwanja said on why Ruto left out Kindiki.

On Sunday, May 15, DP Ruto surprised many by picking Rigathi Gacagua as his running mate even when all other perimeters showed that the Tharaka Nithi senator was the favorite one.

Many political pundits have suggested the mobilization skills together with deep pockets might have favored the Mathira MP in the running mate race.

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