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Political analyst explains why Raila should exit handshake deal with Uhuru

by Nderi Caren

The appointment of 34 judges and their subsequent swearing-in by President Uhuru Kenyatta continues to draw sharp reactions and assessments from his critics.

Political analyst Makau Mutua has expressed utmost disappointment with the Head of State asking ODM leader Raila Odinga to cease associating with Uhuru yet he has no respect for the constitution of the land.

“ODM’s Raila Odinga must exit the handshake with Uhuru Kenyatta. He can not abide by Kenyatta’s illegal and unconstitutional conduct. Enough is enough,” tweeted Makau Mutua.

The USA-based scholar and political analyst Makau Mutua has asked Raila to end his association with Uhuru Kenyatta.

Raila Odinga joined forces with Uhuru through the famous February 2018 handshake which pulld the opposition closer to power.

Before then, Raila Odinga was a strong critic of Uhuru and the Jubilee administration.

The former Prime Minister has always been viewed as reformist hence the advice by Makau Mutua who thinks Raila is tainting his reformist reputation.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s actions, more-so towards the judiciary, have repeatedly attracted public uproar from the political divide.

The Hed of State has been put on the spot severally over a tendency by his government to disobey court orders.

On May 24, the Head of State oversaw the official take over of the Kenya Meat Commission by the Kenya Defence Force.

The functions of the commission were taken away from the Ministry of Agriculture, despite a court order blocking its militarization.

Former Chief Justcie Willy Mutunga has also gone on record criticing Uhuru’sconstant disregard of cour orders and the judiciary in general.

In an interview with a local publication, the lawyer said Uhuru’s action warrant his impeachment.

Lawyers Kipchumba Murkomen, Otiende Amollo as well as Ahmenasir Abdullahi have unanimously called out Uhuru Kenyatta more than once for what was believed to be a disregard of the judiciary.

David Maraga, the recently retired Chief Justice had the worst tenure in office as the judiciary was constantly at loggerheads with the executive.

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