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NGO council advice to MPs as Ruto allies prepare to face-off with Raila-Uhuru camp

by Antynet Ford

NGO Council has urged Members of Parliament to debate soberly on the proposed Political parties Amendment Bill 2021.

In a statement to newsrooms on Wednesday, January 5, the group urged the lawmakers to avoid ugly scenes witnessed last week where they engaged in a fistfight which saw some of them sustain serious injuries.
“We strongly condemn any unnecessary sharp differences and settling of the score as MP’s debate on the Bill. We urge for sobriety during the debate,” they said.

The National Parliament today embarked on a three-day special sitting to continue with debate on Political parties Amendment Bill 2021 after they engaged in a brawl which made two previous sessions to be adjourned.

They are expected to continue with the third round of the debate which has seen the house divided.
Raila-Uhuru allies and William Ruto allies have both been planning to carry the day.

Ruto team succeeded in frustrating the last two special sittings to debate the bill aimed at having political coalitions jointly field a presidential candidate but let constituent parties field candidates in other elective seats.

The Majority leader of the National Assembly Amos Kimunya claimed, after the chaos caused by Ruto allies, that the UDA members were under orders from the deputy president.

“We Know by talking to them that they do not only fear they are being watched by the DP but also their ground. They cannot go against their master who is not supporting the bill,” said Kimunya.

Today morning before the session began, National Speaker Justin Muturi directed MPs to use electronic cards during voting in a bid to avert chaos in the house.

Electronic voting is the option that has been seen as a solution to defeat Ruto’s allies who have proved good at causing chaos hence frustrating manual voting on the bill.

William Rruto has been strongly against many small and tribal or regional political parties coming together to form a coalition ahead of the 2022 General Election.

He instead is of the view the country needs strong political parties with a national outlook and can survive until the next General Election.

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