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President Ruto asks police to use firearms to curb runaway crime

by Enock Ndayala

The security situation in the capital city of Nairobi has deteriorated in recent days where criminals are robbing Kenyans in broad daylight.

For instance, it is reported that at least 65 victims of muggings have been referred to the Kenyatta National Hospital where about 17 of them succumbed to stab wounds.

“Youths have become thieves; they are stabbing people in broad daylight. Areas like Globe Roundabout, Koja, Kasarani, and Pangani are so unsafe you walk while scared as you can be stabbed and your phone was taken,” a Nairobi residence told the Star.

The criminals have gained courage knowing that the law prohibits security personnel including police officers from using their firearms when dealing with thieves.

However, President William Ruto on Wednesday, November 16, met top police commanders at State House in Nairobi to deliberate on the security situation in major towns including Nairobi.

To curb the runaway crime in major towns, the Head of State dismissed claims of a go-slow by the police arguing that the move was encouraging a resurgence in muggings, violent robberies, and other gang activities.

As such, the First in Command encouraged the men in uniform not to hesitate to use their guns when dealing with criminals.

He said that his government would not allow criminal gangs to take over Kenyan cities or any other part of the nation.

“If any officer is in danger of criminals, they must use their firearms to deal with the criminals. We cannot allow criminals to overrun our cities or any part of Kenya,” the president said.

Ruto added that the Government will provide the police with modern equipment to help confront insecurity in the country.

Ruto’s comments come at a time when law enforcers have in protest seemingly employed laxity in dealing with armed gangs and have thus left vulnerable Kenyans at the mercy of criminals.

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