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President Uhuru credits his development record to Raila Odinga

by Nderi Caren
Politicians unite against Ruto for 2022 General Election

President Uhuru Kenyatta has credited the development record during his second term to his association with ODM leader Raila Odinga, apparently through the March 2018 famous handshake.

In a meeting held with Ukambani leaders, Uhuru confessed that his hands were tied during his first term in office.

Uhuru told the leaders that he has now been able to post impressive performance in the second term because he dropped the thieves and embraced unity, through the handshake.

In the meeting, President openly declared his support for the NASA coalition. Photo: State House/Twitter.

“I have done much more than I was able to do even in my first term. Why? Because I have been able to focus myself working in conjunction with my colleagues and being able to focus on the development agenda and not the political agenda,” Uhuru said.

The statement came barely weeks after Uhuru toured Nyanza region where he commission and launched several state projects which were attributed to his close relationship with Raila Odinga.

The Wednesday, June 15 meeting between Uhuru and Ukambani leaders also bore a huge controversy on the 2022 succession politics.

In the meeting, President openly declared his support for the NASA coalition.

He called on the NASA principals to unite, because he is ready to leave the country in their safe hands.

After the reports on Uhuru’s plans leaked on Tuesday morning, DP Ruto sarcastically protested the endorsement of NASA, terming it as a betrayal.

“Oh My God! So, what happens to the Thurakus, the kumìrà kùmèrà contingent, the 8 million of us?? None, no youth, no woman, no man of the 8 million who woke up early and voted 3 times for Uhuru Kenyatta/William Samoei Ruto ticket merit support? It is Ok! We will sort ourselves with God’s support,” wrote William Ruto.

Even before President Uhuru indirectly blamed Ruto for underdevelopment during his first term, the DP himself had accused Uhuru of pushing him out of their plans.

According to Ruto, the duo had a development plan for Kenya, but it was hijacked by outsiders in government.

In an interview with Citizen TV in April, Ruto insinuated that the second term of Jubilee has not be development-based, but rather political operations.

“We must also say the truth. Our plan to create millions of jobs in the second term after laying the ground in the first term was put aside and the priority became the BBI,” he said.

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