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Raila Odinga’s daughter accused of micromanaging dad’s presidential campaign

by Amos Khaemba

ODM leader Raila Odinga’s daughter, Winnie Odinga has been accused of micromanaging Raila’s 2022 presidential campaign ahead of the August 9, presidential election.

While commenting on the appointment of Dennis Onsarigo as the press secretary of Raila campaign secretariat blogger Robert Alai took to social media to allege that the appointment was done by Winnie Odinga and not Raila himself.

Taking to Facebook on Monday, February 14, the controversial blogger accused Winnie of always trying to control his father’s presidential campaign while sideling professionals.

“What I can tell you for a fact is that Raila Odinga is as surprised as all of us when the statement was issued. This statement was prepared by Winnie Odinga who, together with other family members, has decided that they are not going to let the campaign secretariat operate professionally as it should,” Alai alleged.

The Nyando MP aspirant said this is not the first time that Raila’s daughter is attempting to usurp the powers of the campaign secretariat adding that such appointment should be the reserve of the secretariat.

“Appointments in the secretariat can only and must only be done by the appointed secretariat. That secretariat should make these junior appointments and not Raila Odinga. Any attempts by Winnie and others to bring disorder must be resisted at all costs,” Alai added.

The popular blogger alleged that Winnie Odinga has infiltrated Raila’s campaign team so much that most people are taking orders from her.

“Winnie Odinga has her own power games in the secretariat. She has decided to be the de facto campaign head of the secretariat based in Lavington.

“She will use her closeness to the father to sabotage all the professionals working in the campaign and now they even nicknamed her, ‘Oduo’.” Alai alleged.

Alai called on the ODM leader to put his house in order saying if left unchecked will be the start of serious scandals by well connected family members in Raila’s government.

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