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Raila Odinga’s party asks ex-CJ David Maraga to form opposition party

by Enock Ndayala

Raila Odinga’s party has responded to claims from former CJ David Maraga the opposition party is too weak to the extend President Uhuru Kenyatta gets away with anything he wants, including what is uncostitutional.

Through his spokesperson Dennis Onyango, the opposition chief said that the former CJ is acting like an opposition leader if the statement he made against Uhuru is anything to go by.

“Still, he (David Maraga) can start an opposition party if he thinks the ones in existence are not enough. Raila (Odinga) long opened the doors for any joker to start a party and the person is guaranteed he or she woll not be jailed,” he wrote in a tweet.

Raila Odinga at a BBI rally.
Onyango’s sentiments were influenced by a tweet by a blogger, allied to Raila Odinga, who accused Maraga of overstepping his mandate as the retired Chief Justice. Photo: Raila Odinga/Facebook.

Onyango was responding to a tweet by a blogger allied to Raila Odinga who accused (David) Maraga of overstepping his mandate as the retired Chief Justice.

“CJ Maraga stretches it by a bit claiming President Uhuru behaves the way he behaves because there is no opposition in Kenya. Ekuru Aukot declared himself official leader of opposition and even formed a shadow cabinet. How has he performed? Also, Kenya has over 80 political parties!” blogger Disembe said.

The sentiments from the ODM die-hard members were a response to David Maraga’s interview, where he blamed Uhuru Kenyatta’s disregard for the Judiciary and constitution on the death of Kenya’s once vibrant opposition.

“The opposition in the country has died; that is what has given the president audacity to do what he wants. The opposition should be the first to condemn the head of state’s actions and tell him what he is doing is not right,” Maraga opined.

This was in reference to the fact the official opposition party technically joined government throguh the Uhuru-Raila famous March 2018 handshake.

Since then, Raila and his party followers hardly take on the government as many Kenyans were used, something critics believe has made Uhuru’s government operate without any fear of political criticism.

But the conflict between Uhuru and Maraga did not begin on the latter’s failure to appoint the 6 judges recommended by the Judicial Service Commission.

During his tenure, Maraga made a landmark ruling, nullifying the 2017 Presidential election results.

This angered Uhuru who said, ‘We shall revisit,” and from then on, the relationship between the executive headed by Uhuru started having strained relations with the Judiciary.

While castigating the President for failure to appoint the 6 judges out of the 41 recommended to for appointment by the Judicial Service Commission, Maraga said he will remember Uhuru for his disrespect for the law and constitution.

“I will remember Uhuru as the President who disregarded the law.”

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