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Raila supporters burn copies of William Ruto’s biography ‘The Rise of the hustler’

by Amos Khaemba

Recently political author Babior Newton launched United Democratic Alliance presidential flag bearer William Ruto’s biography titled, ‘The Rise of the Hustler’.

The book explores the life and times of the depury president, as well as his fallout with his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

After the launch, the author has planned a series of country tour to popularize the book among those who have keen interest in acquiring it.

But his much-awaited tour of Kisumu County, the political backyard of the ODM leader Raila Odinga turned chaotic after youths burned down copies of Ruto’s biography.

In a video seen by Kivumbi.co.ke, Raila Odinga’s supporters refused to all the book launch to proceed claiming the UDA leader was using the book as a campaigning tool.

The youths could be heard chanting Azimio! Azimio! the political formation Raila will be using for his fifth jab at the presidency.

“How can you call this a book tour when hundreds of people are being given money and a free book and then asked to vote for the DP?” one of them youths asked.

“As we were relaxing, some people came here and started distributing books about William Ruto. We refused!” another said.

But speaking after the incident, the controversial author said the book only aims at providing civic education about the former Eldoret North MP who is competing with Raila for the House on the Hill.

“We aimed at boldly challenging the misinformation about Ruto to people, especially in the Nyanza region,” Babior said.

The author condemned the action vowing not to be stopped in his determination to change the narrative about Ruto.

“The blood of a warrior can dry, but the pen of an author won’t dry. Since I was born, I’m convinced that the pen is the most dangerous weapon,” he said.

He challenged those aggrieved by the book to write their own books with the information they want to share.

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