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Raila’s ally says Ruto should resign as deputy president after US, UK, Qatar tours

by Amos Khaemba

The spokesperson of Raila Odinga’s Presidential Campaign team, Makau Mutua has called on Deputy President William Ruto to resign after his 12-day tour of the US, UK, and Qatar.

Taking to his social media page on Tuesday, March 8, Mutua, said that DP Ruto will be a hypocrite if he fails to resign having blasted his own government while abroad.

“If (William) Ruto doesn’t resign upon touching down at JKIA from his US/UK trip after vicious, unprecedented, and angry attacks on (President Uhuru) and his own government while abroad then he is a hypocrite and coward, unworthy of any public office in the Republic of Kenya. Shame.,” Makau wrote on Twitter.

Makau who is a trusted associate of the former prime minister blasted the deputy president for criticizing President Uhuru’s government yet he is part of the government.

“Ruto went to the UK, US the sole purpose of attacking, belittling, and discrediting the head of state, (his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta) and his government.

“This is an extraordinary development in Kenya’s succession politics. It has never been done anywhere in the world.” Makau added.

The sentiments by Makau come after DP Ruto used his tour to criticize President Uhuru’s government.

Speaking in the US, Ruto alleged that President Uhuru is the weakest link in the fight against corruption.

“Today, all criminal, and investigations against corruption are carried out by institutions that depend on the Office of the President to give them the money,

“The law provides that these institutions should have their own financial independence complete with their accounting officers and they don’t have to depend on the Office of the President or any other office to prosecute corruption matters,” Ruto said.

While in the UK, DP Ruto said that President Uhuru is individually accountable for the performance of the Jubilee government.

“I have been a deputy president for nine years…I don’t know which dockets were given to me, we have always had one president, not two, the responsibility of the government has never been shared between President Kenyatta and me,” Ruto said.

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