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Real hustler: President Ruto’s daughter says she sold smokies at University

by Enock Ndayala

Kenya’s President William Ruto has been encouraging unemployed Kenyans to take the hustler fund loan and start small businesses to sustain themselves and their family members.

A similar call was made by President Ruto’s wife Rachael Ruto and her daughter Charlene Ruto.

While asking Kenyans to utilize the hustler fund, Kenya’s first daughter Charlene Ruto sensationally revealed that she sold smokies at the University to sustain herself.

In an undated video trending online, President Ruto’s daughter Charlene Ruto said that her dad encouraged her to do business.

“I used to have a business selling smokie Kachumbari while on campus at Daystar University, which was the profitable business then, my father encouraged me in that small business I was doing,” she said.

The video has received mixed reactions among Kenyans including those who she was addressing.

A section of the audience is heard in the video dismissing her claims saying “hiyo ni uongo, aaai mtoto wa deputy president? Hapo umetubeba ujinga.”

Charlene reportedly graduated from Day Star University in 2015, at a time her dad William Ruto was working as the Deputy President to Rtd. President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kivumbi.co.ke recently reported that Charlene Ruto has held more than 30 meetings both locally and internationally since her father was sworn in as the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya on Tuesday, September 13.

Sharlene held 13 meetings in Ghana and Morocco while 24 have been in 12 different African countries.

On November 19, 2022, Charlene visited a milkshake shop in Kariobangi and enjoyed a milkshake while rooting for the fund.

“Visited a young hustler’s shop in Kariobangi South today and listened to her story on how she saved enough funds to start her own juice & milkshake shop. With instruments like the Hustler Fund, she will expand her business and grow her income,” she said.

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