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Ruto claims President Uhuru would never have won presidency without him

by Amos Khaemba

Deputy President William Ruto lashed out at President Uhuru’s frequent criticism, reminding him that he would never have won the presidency without his support.

Speaking in Kakamega on Tuesday, February 8, during the Kenya Kwanza rally, Ruto wondered why Uhuru and other state bureaucrats are not appreciating his role in the Jubilee government.

A visible agitated Ruto reminded the president that he has played a major role in the achievements made by the Jubilee administration.

“Kama zingekuwa serikali ya Jubilee haingetengenezwa…let us face the truth. Sijui kama tunaelewana. Loosely translated to “I would not have been there; Jubilee government would have not been formed. Let us face the truth. I have we are understanding each other,” Ruto said as the crowd cheered.

The second in command added that he will continue taking credit for projects initiated by the Jubilee government because he has participated in their success.

“I want to tell our friends that the Jubilee government was a joint government between Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. You cannot deny me as the Deputy President the credits we have achieved in the many things we have achieved as a government. It is not going to happen, my friends,” Ruto added.

The UDA presidential hopeful was categorical that no one will stop him from enjoying the fruits of his efforts.

“Anybody imaging that they can deny me the credit for the things we did that succeeded in Jubilee are wasting their time. I made an equal contribution to the success of the Jubilee administration,” said Ruto

The deputy president has been accused by President Uhuru and his allies of hitting the campaign trail and absconding from his duties.

At one time last year, President Uhuru hit out at Ruto for taking credit for government projects that he has not worked for.

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