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Ruto vows to kick Chinese ‘hustlers’ out of Kenya if he becomes president

by Amos Khaemba

Chinese nationals are known to be experts in infrastructural development having worked on projects such as SGR, Konza City, Nairobi Expressway, and industrial parks among others.

In most cases, they have been coming in to offer serving deemed technical in which Kenyans are presumed to have little or no sufficient expertise.

But in the recent past, the Chinese nationals have invaded Nairobi even some have been spotted hawking clothes in Gikomba, selling electronics, and roasting maize which has infuriated unemployed Kenyans.

Speaking during the Kenya Kwanza Alliance Nairobi economic forum Tuesday, June 21, Deputy President William Ruto vowed to deport Chinese nationals engaging in businesses that can be done by Kenyans should he win the August polls.

Ruto whose manifesto centers on the hustler economy said that there is no way the Chinese will engage in a retail business, roasting maize, kiosk business, and other small businesses, yet Kenyans are struggling with a high level of unemployment.

“Let that not worry you. Those are Kenyan businesses and those engaged in such business, we have enough airplanes to deport them back to where they came from,” DP Ruto said.

“We have agreements with different countries on what level of business or work is to be done by locals and which one is allowed, where one must have a work permit, to foreigners. And that level is not selling in kiosks, retail or roasting maize,” He added as reported by Nation.

Sentiments by the United Democratic Alliance presidential flag bearer followed concerns raised by Nelson Iruku, an electronics trader in Nairobi.

According to the trader, the Chinese sell traders’ goods, and then after the traders have created a market for the goods, the Chinese come to Kenya to engage in the same business, selling cheaply and driving the locals out of business.

“They send their children here to take over the market from us yet we cannot be allowed to do the same in China. If there is a law that can outlaw the Chinese to stop engaging in the same business which I can do, then that will help us. We don’t have a problem with other nationals,” Iruku said.

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