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Section of opinion leaders dismiss Herman Manyora’s proposal to postpone 2022 General Election

by Enock Ndayala
Opposition chief Raila Odinga unsuccessfully contested for the presidency in the 2022 General Election.

A host of opinion leaders have dismissed political analyst Herman Manyora’s claim that Kenya is not ready for 2022 General Election and as such the same should be postponed.

Speaking on his Just in time analysis on YouTube on March 20, the analyst said the country’s economy is in total ruin such that it cannot afford to finance an big election.

“Let us postpone the 2022 General Election so we focus on trying to do something about  our economy. Give attention to this diseases (COVID-19)  that can ravage us to nothing so that you want to be president in 2022 and there could be no people to lead,” he said.

Canceling the elections, he argues, will make the country’s leadership start thinking clearly and as such focus on fighting COVID-19.

Failure to postpone the election, he opined, Kenya will be left on the verge of collapse by way of effects of COVID-19 and a fast deteriorating economy.

The sentiments however drew harsh condemnation from a section of influential Kenyans on social media.

Majority questioned Manyora’s intention with others wondering if he had been sent by showdowy characters keen on testing the waters before clinging on to power beyond 2022 by postponing the General Election.

Lawyer AhmedNasir Abdullahi said it is ubelivabale that Jubilee government should be let to continue rulling beyond 2022 despite the economic destruction it has overseen throughout its rule.

“Only in Kenya can a professor (Herman Manyora) argue…yes the government has dismally failed, the economy is in total ruin, poverty is ravaging the poor, the rule of law has collapsed, corruption is rampant..but postpone the 2022 elections and let Jubilee government rule forever…only in Kenya,” he said while responding to Manyora on social media.

Lawyer Makau Mutua and former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga responded to Ahmednasirr’s tweet, falling short of calling Herman Manyora a mad man.

“One of the greatest virtue of freedom of speech is that one is allowed to make an idiot -an ass-of themselves,” said Makau Mutua.

Below is a collection of quotes from across various opinion leaders as posted on twitter.

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