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Exiled Tanzania opposition chief Tundu Lissu warns Kenyans against BBI

by Nderi Caren

Exiled Tanzanian opposition leader Tundu Lissu has warned Kenyans on the powers the proposed constitutional amendments through the BBI bill will give to the president.

Speaking while in Nairobi for the launch of his book, Tundu Lissu warned that the BBI bill seeks to give more power to the executive, which is not a good thing.

In his interpretation, Tanzania’s opposition chief envisions a situation where the president is very powerful, hence reducing the power of the other arms of government (Judiciary and Parliament).

Exiled Tanzania opposition chief Tundu Lissu warns Kenyans against BBI
Tundu Lissu also warned that the office of the Prime Minister being created in the BBI bill will be powerless, and the holder will be at the mercy of the President. Photo: Willy Mutunga/Twitter.

“The most noticeable aspect of BBI (bill) is the idea of creation of the Prime Minister; the Prime Minister who is envisaged in the BBI is absolutely no different from the Tanzanian Prime Minister, he has no substantial power over anything, he’s a presidential appointee like any other district commissioner, he serves in the pleasure of the president,

“I’m very skeptical about BBI, and the reason for me is that the key Constitutional problem that I see in Kenya, and that has bedeviled Kenya since 1964 is presidentialism…the presidency. In my reading, what BBI bill does is to augment rather than whittle away the presidential powers,” Tundu Lissu said in an interview journalists..

Tundu Lissu’s concern sounds like an echo of Deputy President William Ruto’s sentiments against the proposals in the push to amend the constitution.

Since its inception, Ruto has been of the idea that BBI is only meant to give more power to some leaders, and has nothing good for the common person.

He has faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga for advocating for the amendment of the 2010 constitution.

According to Ruto, the two leaders only intend to create more positions for their own benefits and those of their close allies.

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