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UDA candidate apologizes for throwing cake at supporters

by Amos Khaemba

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate Anne Wamuratha has apologized to the public after a video of her throwing pieces of cake at a crowd went viral attracting anger from the public.

In the video, Wamuratha is aspiring for the Kiambu County Women’s representative seat and was seen throwing pieces of cake at a crowd that was at a stadium in Ruiru.

But on Wednesday, May 4, Wamuratha took to Facebook to express her regret about the incident that she says happened last year.

“I wish to confirm that I am the one captured in the Viral video throwing pieces of cake to a group of people who had gathered at the Ruiru Stadium for an event on November 7th, 2021. I was the cake matron of the day and errored in crowd control and appropriately sharing the cake.” Wamuratha said on Facebook.

Wamuratha who recently won the UDA nominations pointed out that given a second chance she would act differently.

“I deeply, and sincerely, apologize for the action and ask the people to forgive me. If I would turn back the clock, I would distribute the cake differently.” She said.

“I am a mother and a wife determined to bake a larger cake of opportunities for the people of Kiambu and serve them diligently as their woman representative.” She added.

The video had left many Kenyans disgusted and angered in equal measure some calling on the DP Ruto-led party to recall her nomination certificate saying the action by the candidate does not befit a leader.

I A random Twitter user Peter Danuta said, “Kiambu UDA women rep aspirant Anne Wamuratha throwing pieces of cake to people like you would throw food to a dog. What happened to humanity Another red flag of what UDA leadership would look like.”

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