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How Uhuru okayed installation of Justin Muturi as Mt Kenya spokesperson

by Nderi Caren

President Uhuru Kenyatta was aware of the coronation of speaker Justin Muturi as the Mt. Kenya Kingpin and supported the move, Kivumbi.co.ke can reveal.

According to the president’s cousin, Captain Kung’u Muigai, who was among the elders who crowned Muturi, the plans started when Uhuru called for a rotational presidency.

Meru’s Njuri Ncheke then approached Uhuru, asking him to initiate talks on how Kikuyu’s from the west could support the east (Embu Meru adn Mbeere nations) since they have never held a top political seat.

The elders told the president time was ripe that their brothers from the west(the Kikuyu nation) support those from the east.

The argument used was that the Kikuyu nation only need the Meru, Mbeere and embu nations during elections and voting for the presidency.

Uhuru’s cousin further said that elders initiated these talks during a meeting held at Sagana state lodge in February.

“No one opposed the suggestion at the time, not even the president. Elders from Embu Nyangi Ndiriri and Meru’s Njuri Ncheke then started the process of grooming their own,” said captain Kung’u Muigai as quoted by Daily Nation.

Muturi’s coronation ceremony held on May 22 attracted an uproar from a section of Mt. Kenya leaders.

Most of them argued that President Uhuru Kenyatta was the kingpin of the region, and no one else could be crowned in the same capacity.

Murang’a governor Mwangi wa Iria had vowed to stop the event from taking place in the Mukurwe wa Nyagathana shrine.

Wa Iria cited that the shrine is a  sacred place that should not be used for political rituals.

However, his plan to block the event from happening was thwarted as Muturi was crowned under tight security.

A number of police officers were deployed at the shrine on Saturday, to make sure that the ceremony is not disrupted by opposite factions.

The event was conducted in strict adherence to the Agikuyu culture, with female journalists being locked out of the shrine.

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