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Wajackoyah: Kenya will be exporting Hyena testicles to china for Ksh 6 million

by Enock Ndayala

Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah’s State House bid is increasingly becoming popular among Kenyan youths, especially with his strange manifesto.

Extended weekends, legalisation of bhang, and prostitution as well as the introduction of snake and dog farming are some of the promises he has to make if he wins the presidency.

On Thursday, June 30, the 2022 presidential candidate George Wajackoyah launched his presidential manifesto at the Kenya International Conventional Centre (KICC).

In yet another radical departure from tradition, Wajackoyah promised that Kenya will start exporting Hyenas and Hyena testicles to complement bhang farming in boosting Kenya’s ailing economy.

The lawyer, who has over seven academic degrees, noted that one hyena testicle can fetch up to KSh 6 million.

In his 10-point “Tingiza miti” manifesto, Wajackoyah said hyenas testicles have medicinal value and their demand is increasing especially in China.

“1,000 male hyenas have 2,000 testicles. I hear the testicles are medicine to the Chinese. The testicles can fetch more money than even Ganja (bhang),

“One testicle is almost KSh6 million. So, we shall export hyena testicles, dog meat, and hyenas,” Wajackoyah said.

He said the proceeds from bhang and hyena testicles will clear the country’s external debts and afford each citizen KSh 200,000 in annual dividends.

Wajackoyah further argued that the cash could build each county two modern expressways and enable the government to buy Bill Gates’s technology firm, Microsoft, in just two years.

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