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What is UDA party in Kenya?

by Kivumbi

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party is a Kenyan political outfit heavily associated with Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto. The party was previously called the Party of Development and Reforms before it was revamped in December 2020 by Ruto’s allies.

The rebranding was announced by Registrar of Political Parties (RPP) Anne Nderitu.

The party changed its symbol from a bull to a wheelbarrow in line with its slogan ‘kazi ni kazi loosely translated to ‘every hustle matters’.

UDA party
United Democratic Alliance (UDA party) is heavily associated with Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto. Photo: William Ruto/Twitter.

William Ruto has hinted at using United Democratic Alliance as his political vehicle in the 2022 General Election after being edged out in the running of the ruling Jubilee Party where he is the deputy party leader.

The deputy president has been popularizing the party across the country as he continues to lay the ground for his 2022 presidential bid.

UDA officials in 2021

  1. Johnstone Muthama – National Chairperson.
  2. Kipruto Kirwa – Deputy Chairman.
  3. Seth Panyako – Deputy Chairman.
  4. Nicholas Marete – Deputy Chairman.
  5. Veronica Maina – Cecretary General.
  6. Eliud Owalo – Deputy Secretary General Strategy
  7. Daniel Sigei – Deputy Secretary General, Programmes.
  8. Omingo Magara – National Treasurer.
  9. Mary Emase – Deputy Treasurer.
  10. Daniel Rotich – Deputy Treasurer, Strategy.
  11. Joshua Kanake Mugo – Deputy Treasurer, Programmes.
  12. Karissa Nzai – National Organising Secretary.
  13. Charles Chebayi – National Organising Secretary, Strategy.
  14. Jamuhuru Guyo Warda – National Organising Secretary, Operations.
  15. Mark Lemunokol – Secretary Devolution and Intergovernmental Relations.
  16. Mary Kabiru – Secretary Youth Affairs, Sports and Culture.
  17. Surum Korema – Secretary Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources.
  18. Franklin Ndii – Secretary SMEs, Trade and Industrialisation.
  19. Cecilia Asinyen – Secretary, Transport and Infrastructure.
  20. Robert Theuri – Education Secretary.
  21. Cecilia Wairimu – Women Affairs Secretary.
  22. Diana Mwangangi – ICT Secretary.
  23. Lawrence Ngacha – Secretary for Labour and Social Services.
  24. Ronald Shako – Lands, housing and Urban Planning Secretary.
  25. Pauline Lenguris – Secretary for Persons with Disability (PWDs).
  26. Leah Jelagat – Health Secretary.
  27. Edward Kamau – Legal Affairs Secretary.
  28. Elina Mapenzi – Secretary for Water and Sanitation.
  29. Julius Mathenge – Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.
  30. Francis Ngotho – Secretary for Energy, Petroleum and Mining.
  31. Oscar Igaida – Secretary for Economic Affairs and Planning.

How to register/ join UDA Party in Kenya online

One can register as a member of the UDA party by filling an application form on its website.

The details to be submitted include full name, email, phone number, ID number, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, and special interest.

The location (county, constituency, and ward details) are also submitted in the registration process.

In the event that one is a member of another political party, they are required to upload their resignation form before joining UDA.

Alternatively, one can apply for membership in person and or in writing to the authorized officials of the party from counties or the National Executive Council (NEC).

NEC can either accept or reject applications for membership after analysing one’s details.

NEC shall determine membership fees which may change from time to time.

A person can quit as a member by resigning, promoting the activities of another political party, or joining the public service.

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