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Wiliam Ruto, Gachagua are worlds apart in their dressing and Kenyans can’t keep calm

by Amos Khaemba

Mathira legislator Rigathi Gachagua’s nomination as presidential running mate to Deputy President William Ruto has opened him to public scrutiny over his dressing and general groomiong.

On Sunday, May 15, as DP Ruto was unveiling Gachagua as his running mate, Kenyans on social media noticed how unstylish the Mathira MP is, especially with the seemingly oversized suit he was wearing.

The Mathira MP’s outfits attracted a barrage of criticism from netizens who questioned the competence of his designer, if he has one.

“Before replacing Rigathi, Kenya Kwanza should replace his wardrobe… He looks more like a village elder than a DP candidate.” a social media user suggested.

Another random Twitter user, Kipnig said, ” Now the only thing remaining for Rigathi Gachagua is to change his tailor. An oversized suit on his swearing-in will look funny.”

A scrutiny of the Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate and his running mate sense of style reveals two different individuals.

On one hand, DP Ruto seems to have invested heavily in his dressing; sharp and fitting suits, designer shoes killer casual wear.

On the other, Gacagua’s dressing can be described as ‘plain, no sense of style not trend, his suits are sometimes not fitting.

With 81 days to elections, Gachagua will certainly need a stylist or find ways of improving his dress code/wardrobe to match DP Ruto, who always dresses sharply.

“Rigathi Gachagua needs to improve on his dressing. That suit is readymade and made from seemingly polyester. Let him get bespoke suits and somebody to dress him. Compare him to William Ruto” a random Twitter user, K.G said.

The difference in taste between DP Ruto and the Mathira MP is a big contrast with what we witnessed in 2013 and 2017 when President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP Ruto paired.

President Uhuru and Ruto were fond of wearing matching outfits, in most cases, you could see them matching brilliant-white shirts and candy-red neckties

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