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William Ruto explains his bottom-up economic model amid criticism

by Nderi Caren

Deputy President William Ruto has taken to social media in an attempt to break down his bottom-up economic model that is at the center of his 2022 presidential campaign message

For days now, Ruto’s camp has been the target of ridicule from their political opponents who claim that they do not know what his bottom-up economic model means.

In a tweet on Thursday morning, William Ruto defended his bottom-up economic model, saying is basically aimed at promoting the economic fortunes of the common person.

“It is the economy. Trickle-down failed (because all it did was) aiding patronage and cronyism, breeding cartels and monopolies that benefit few individuals,

“Bottom-up economy is anchored on deliberately promoting investments & financial instruments targeting the millions who are unemployed, hustler enterprises/farmers groups,” the deputy president tweeted

His tweet was a reaction to a headline by a local newspaper, which addressed the heated debate on the bottom-up economy which has had many opponents of Ruto question its thrust while saying many of its proponents seem not to understand it.

The narrative peddled by DP William Ruto has attracted much criticism with Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju taking a swipe at the catchphrase.

During a meeting held at SK Macharia’s Ndakaini home on July 27, Tuju translated bottoms-up to Swahili, loosely suggesting it meant buttocks up.

“This issue of the bottoms-up economy, maybe Peter Kenneth (former Gatanga MP) you can translate it. What is it in Swahili? Matako juu?” Raphael Tuju chided as he left the podium leaving everyone in stiches.

Lately, opponents of DP William Ruto have been challenging the Tanga Tanga camp to explain the bottom-up economy.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome was on the spot recently after she failed to explain the bottom-up economic model on a live TV interview.

Wahome appeared completely clueless when the show host asked her to distinguish between bottom-up and trickle-down economic models in simple terms.

The jibberish explanation from Alice Wahome prompted an online radicule of the model led by political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi.

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