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William Ruto remains most popular presidential candidate ahead of Raila

by Amos Khaemba

With 96 days to the General Election, Deputy President William Ruto remains the most popular presidential candidate ahead of the ODM leader Raila Odinga according to the latest polls.

According to polls by Tifa Research released on Thursday, May 5, 39 % of Kenyans prefer DP Ruto as their 5th president.

The ODM leader who will be making his fifth attempt at the presidency is supported by 32 % of Kenyans according to the polls.

“Even though some 47 people have declared that they will seek the presidency, nearly all Kenyans who have made up their minds say that they intend to vote for either DP William Ruto (39%) or former PM Raila Odinga (32%).” the research findings stated.

According to the findings, Ruto’s popularity slightly declined by 1 percent since the last poll done in February, while Odinga’s increased by 5 percent.
TIFA’s Research Analyst Tom Wolf explained that Odinga’s overall 5 percent gain was mainly contributed by the Lower Eastern region where he had 24 per cent.

“Support for former PM Odinga has increased overall (by 5%) since TIFA’s February survey, he has gained most in Lower Eastern (by 24%) as well as in Nyanza (by 8%). But he has also seen an increase in support in Coast, Northern, & Western (6% in each).” Wolf started.

According to the findings, 16 % of Kenyans remain undecided on whoever they vote for during the August election but this is likely to change in the coming days as leading candidates are expected to name their running mates.

The survey conducted between April 22 to April 26 revealed that only UDA and ODM can claim a substantial level of nationwide support.

The polls showed that support for Jubilee and Wiper parties is quite concentrated in particular regions (Mt. Kenya and Lower Eastern, respectively), with the same applying to ANC.

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