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William Ruto sarcastically welcomes Raila to hustler nation

by Nderi Caren
Deputy President William Ruto enticed Kisumu hustlers with the 'Raila Tosha' slogan as he campaigned for the Bottom-up economic model in the region.

Deputy President William Ruto has extended an olive branch to ODM leader Raila Odinga, welcoming him to the hustler nation albeit sarcastically.

In a post on his Twitter page, Ruto said his economic empowerment conversation has influenced Raila to start discussing how to change Kenya’s economy as opposed to simply creating political positions.

He also threw a shade on Raila, asking him to abandon the BBI train and focus on the economy as it is the immediate problem facing Kenya.

William Ruto  sarcastically welcomes Raila Odinga to hustler nation
In a sarcastic post on his Twitter page, Ruto said his economic empowerment conversation has influenced Raila to subscribe to the hustler nation. Photo: William Ruto/Twitter

“The conversation has changed. Gentlemen welcome to the hustler nation-led economy conversation that is people-centered Jobs/enterprise/hustle-focused empowerment.

“Leave the leaders-centered constitution change (BBI bill) to create positions, share power/meager resources among elite,” he wrote in a response to Raila Odinga’s tweet in which he was sensitizing people on the need to empower Small and Medium Entreprises in order to grow the Kenyan economy.

“We should have an enabling environment that enables our people to do business. I refuse to believe that our people cannot do it, they only lack opportunities, they lack the support that is required,” Raila Odinga said in the tweet responded to by Ruto.

In the video shared by Ruto, ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi also called on a focus on the economy.

“The economic times have become difficult, you have been sent out of salons, and now (Treasury CS Ikur) Yatani is following you to the kitchen, adding the price of gas,” Mudavadi cited.

In a tweet, Mudavadi further added on the need to focus on the economy.

DP Ruto has taken a swipe on the two leaders for addressing economic issues, which is the main manifesto of his hustler nation-led campaign narrative ahead of the 2022 general Election.

Ruto has been persistent on the need to empower small business persons in what he terms as the bottom-up economic approach.

He believes that by empowering small businesses such as Salonists, Mama Mbogas and Mkokoteni people, the proceeds will circulate to all citizens.

He advocates for a change of economic strategy from trickle-down economics to the bottom-up.

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