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William Ruto should be worried, we can impeach him – Junet Mohamed

by managing editor

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed believes the success of BBI proves there are enough numbers to make Deputy President William Ruto lose his job.

The vocal MP who is also Raila’s trusted lieutenant said the DP should count himself lucky the focus is on BBI for now.

Speaking a day after MPs overwhelmingly voted for BBI bill, the minority whip in the national assembly said Ruto’s camp has been bragging of having the numbers but the same failed to play any role during voting on BBI bill.

Junet Mohamed (right) has emerged as a very close politician to ODM leader Raila Odinga more than anyone else in the party. He shoots straight from the hip. Photo: Junet Mohamed/Facebook.

“When people like Kimani Ngunjiri from Bahati who has been very vocal against the BBI Bill comes (to parliament) and votes yes, it should ring a bell that things have changed, Kenya has changed,

“The era of lying to people, cheating people because you are a party leader (are behind us), we are just being magnanimous otherwise these numbers can lead to other things, they can make someone lose his job,” he said in an apparent reference to the possible impeachment of William Ruto.

Article 150 of the 2010 constitution says a deputy president can be impeached on grounds of;  physical or mental incapacity to perform the functions of the office or gross violation of a provision of this Constitution or any other law or where there are serious reasons to believe that the Deputy President has committed a crime under national or international law or for gross misconduct.

“You know what the constitution says but we do not want to take that direction now because we are focused on bringing Kenyans together (through BBI),” went o Junet to the applause of MPs who attended the Friday, May 7, press conference with him.

Junet further said Ruto’s hustler-led political narrative is dead if the events in the National Assembly during voting on the BBI Bill -which seeks to amend the 2010 constitution- is anything to go by. was anything to go by.

Kivumbi.co.ke earlier reported that at least 320 legislators participated in the voting process at the second stage where 235 voted for the bill, 83 against the bill while two abstained from the voting exercise.

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