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William Ruto to president Uhuru, acha ufala

by Amos Khaemba

Deputy President William Ruto has continued his war of words with President Uhuru Kenyatta blasting him for calling for his resignation.

Speaking in Mumia West Constituency, Kakamega County on Friday, May 6, during the Kenya Kwnaza alliance rally, DP Ruto vowed that he will not be coerced to resign as he has not failed in his constitutional responsibilities.

The second in command insisted that he has discharged all his responsibilities as instituted by the constitution.

“I have discharged my responsibility in accordance with the constitution and the law of Kenya as the deputy president of the Republic of Kenya. There is no assignment or requirement out of my office that has been asked by anybody, that has been asked by my boss the president that vi have not discharged.” Ruto started.

Ruto dared President Uhuru to come clean and tell Kenyans the truth on what duties the second in command has failed to discharge that could warrant his resignation.

“And I dare them if there is one responsibility that I have been assigned and that I have not discharged, let them tell the people of Kenya, let them not engage in rumors and nonsense.” Ruto dared President Uhuru.

“Mimi nataka niwaambie watafute mtu mwingine yakubebea ufala, mimi nimetakeleza wajibu wangu kama naibu wa raise,” Ruto added.

Loosely translated to “I want to tell them to find another person to show that nonsense, I have discharged my duty as a deputy of the president.”

The Kenya Kwanza presidential election candidate affirmed that he has mo outstanding assignments, requirements, or advice that is due to President Uhuru.

During the Sunday, May 1, Labour Day celebrations, the Head of State accused his estranged deputy of failing to assist despite being the second in command in government.

“Instead of some leaders strategizing on how to offer solutions, they go to incite citizens to ask Uhuru. You call yourself a leader and what number (in superiority) are you? You should have let me look for someone to help me. You know this is not anyone’s problem, where are you when I need you?” President Uhuru said

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