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Woman confronts Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru

by Nderi Caren

There was a scuffle in Kirinyaga County on Thursday, June 10 when an angry woman confronted Governor Anne Waiguru over what she termed as unequal distribution of resources in the county.

The County boss was on a tour of a part of the devolved unit, inspecting projects when the angry woman tried to forcefully get to the governor while ranting.

Her efforts to get to Waiguru were thwarted by the Governor’s security details, leaving the woman shouting at the governor’s security details, some of whom she claimed do not even vote in the county.

There was a scuffle in Kirinyaga County on Thursday, June 10 when an angry woman confronted Governor Anne Waiguru. Photo: Waiguru/Facebook.

“Why is he pushing me away, he thinks I want money from the governor. I know how to look for my money. I am okay. Some of these bodyguards do not even have votes in Kirinyaga….” she shouted.

The aggressive woman tried to wrestle Waiguru’s security men, even daring them to hit her.

Before hell broke loose, the woman was among a group of residents who were questioning Waiguru over unfair distribution of resources in Kirinyaga County.

“There was a time you were at Kangai Secondary, you had helmets but took them with you,” asked a man from the crowd.

Waiguru replied telling him they caused chaos making it difficult for the helmets to be distributed and were instead returned to the county headquarters.

Waiguru’s encounter comes barely two weeks after president Uhuru experienced a security breach in Kisumu during the Madaraka Day Celebrations.

There a man jumped from the crowd and started running towards the podium where Uhuru was standing.

Unfortunately, security officers were able to nab him before getting to the Head of State and other dignitaries at the event.

Before the Madaraka Day incident, Uhuru experienced another security threat in Nairobi.

While on a tour in Kasarani area, a man emerged from an onlooking crowd and stood in front of President Uhuru’s motorcade.

Kepha waited for other vehicles in the convoy to pass, and stood right infront of the vehicle that was carrying president Uhuru Kenyatta.

He was arrested, interrogated by police officers and later released.

In May, another man walked towards president Uhuru during the launch of Lamu port.

Joseph Kinyua sought the audience of the Head of State as he decried lack of jobs for locals at the newly opened port.

He was also arrested, and released after grilling by police officers.

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