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‘You made Uhuru cruel and heartless,’ Murkomen tells Mutahi Ngunyi

by Enock Ndayala
Kipchumba Murkomen Courtesy

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has accused political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi of making President Uhuru cruel and heartless.

In a post on his Twitter account, the legislator confronted Mutahi for defending the government over the traffic snarl-up that was witnessed along Thika Road on the night of Saturday, April 17.

An agitated Murkomen said that many patients could not be attended to by medics, with others missing their medication due to the roadblocks imposed by the police.

When we left Uhuru to you we didn’t ask you to make him cruel and heartless. Photo: Kipchumba Murkomen/Twitter.

“Last night one woman missed her diabetes medication and another missed her hypertension meds at home. Doctors on night shift could not get to hospital while others could not get home to rest for next day duty.When we left Uhuru to you we did not ask you to make him cruel and heartless. How sad!” Murkomen told Mutahi Ngunyi.

His tweet was in response to a post made by the political analyst, who said the government should not be bullied by citizens who are protesting on social media platforms.

Goverment should not be bullied by cowards on social media. Photo: Mutahi Ngunyi/Twitter.

According to Mutahi, barricading the roads after the 8PM curfew was a proper way to ensure that Kenyans adhere to the COVID-19 containment measures.

Saturday night was a tough one for many Nairobi residents who were held on the road up to the wee hours of Sunday morning because of driving past curfew hours.

This experience prompted citizens to call for a revolution, with others expressing regrets in voting for the Jubilee government.

Even after the online uproar, the Ministry of Interior has expressed no regrets for its actions, cautioning Kenyans that the same actions might be taken again if they do not obey the laws.

Even though frontline workers were caught up in the traffic mess on Saturday night, the Ministry has assured them that they will continue operating with their special passes.

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