A section of UDA supporters in Naivasha Constituency on Tuesday April 19 staged protests in Naivasha town over the party’s decision to reserve nomination results handing the UDA ticket to MP Jane Kihara.

The residents demanded that the party sticks to the original results where Ex-MP John Kihagi had been declared the winner saying they will not allow officials from the party headquarters to interfere with their democratic decision.

The Voters expressed disappointment in the Deputy President William Ruto-led party’s move to declare Kihara the winner saying will not accept such blanket decision.

UDA supporters in Naivasha staged protests over the party’s decision to reverse nomination results handing the UDA ticket to MP Jane Kihara. Photo:Kihara/Facebook

“Sahizi huko Nairobi ndio wanataka kutupanga sisi wa Naivasha,nyinyi ndio mlituambia tuseme hatupangwingwi,na sisi tunamwambia hatupangwa,..certificate ya naivasha ni ya John kihagi”(Now people in Nairobi want to decide for us yet they told us to say ‘hatupangwingwi’. We want to tell them no one can decide for us, the UDA Certificate for Naivasha belongs to John Kihagi).

They warned DP Ruto that if the decision is not reversed they will explore other options a clear indicator that their candidate might vie as an independent candidate.

“Boss ulituambia hupangwingwi,lakini hata Sisi hatupanwmgwangwi.usijaribu kutupanga we do not lack options. We are telling you, you either give Naivasha justice or we run away from you,” one of the demonstrators said

Loosely translated to, “Boss, (DP Ruto) told us that nobody decides for you, and even us no one makes decisions for us. Do not attempt to decide for us as we do not lack options.”

The UDA party Elections Disputes Resolution Committee on Monday found that the current MP Kihara had garnered 9,904 votes in the April 14 party primaries while his main competitor John Kihagi, who had earlier been declared the winner in the nominations, had 9,903 votes.