Outspoken and combative lawyer Miguna Miguna who was forced into exile has been advised to enter Kenya through Uganda dressed as a woman so as to escape the roadblocks imposed aginst him.

This was after the exiled lawyer claimed that he had received a notice of a red alert imposed on Air France by the Kenyan government blocking him from getting back into the country.

On Tuesday, November 16, Uganda’s political activist Stella Nyanzi said the neighboring country was ready to receive Miguna Miguna and smuggle him to his mother country disguised as a woman, complete with the best make-up.

Exiled lawyer Miguna advised entering Kenya through Uganda dressed as a woman
Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has been advised to enter Kenya through Uganda dressed as a woman. Photo: Miguna Miguna/Twitter.

“Perhaps, the good doctor should reroute to Uganda which is just next door to Kenya,

“We shall receive him well, take him to makeup artists who will chop off his beard and make his face brown with Copper Girl,

” plait his hair with Brazilian extensions, get him a big black lace power-bra stuffed with cotton, lend him a kitenge three-piece dress, and then smuggle him into Kenya on a bodaboda motorbike,

“passing through those (secrete) routes where uniformed soldiers eat bribes that allow people through the porous borders. Dawa ya moto ni motto!(fight fire with fire)” she explained in a Facebook post.

Miguna Miguna who was expected to land in Kenya today Tuesday, November 16, said the Red Alerts prevent Airfrance and Lufthansa Airlines from flying him to any destination in Africa from Europe.

While welcoming the advice to come to Kenya disguised a woman, Miguna urged his supporters to instead focus on the illegalities of the red Alerts, their use to facilitate disobedience of court orders, and human rights violations.

Miguna said flying to Kenya via Uganda would give the government of Kenya a ground to justify the criminal charges leveled against him and even brand him a terrorist.

“Those asking me to fly to Uganda then cross the border “illegally” into Kenya must understand that the Red Alerts stop airlines from flying me to any African country. Also, acting illegally would give the despot an excuse to justify his criminality and to brand me a terrorist,” he said.